Our Approach

Attorney Credit Services was created and is operated by one of the largest consumer law firms in the country. The creation of ACS was due to the law firm’s client demand for additional services like credit restoration, student loan modification/consolidation and IRS tax settlement. These were services that we started offering through the law firm, because enough of our existing clients told us they needed and wanted them.

As with many services we offered, we researched each issue carefully and started to develop new methods of solving old problems. After implementing these new methods and procedures, we began to see good results and realized this is something that can be offered to the public at large and shouldn’t only be offered to our existing law firm clients. We thought it best to create a standalone company that offered some of these services with the backing of the law firm when and if an attorney is needed. From that, ACS was born!

A Comprehensive Approach

With the backing of our law firm, ACS is able to offer every service to return you to good financial health. Yes, we can restore your credit rating, but we can also help you get rid of any debt you can no longer afford and make your student and home loans affordable. This is all part of good financial health. You can’t do one without the other. A piece meal approach to financial health never works over the long term. Once we have restored your credit rating and resolved your debt problems, we will monitor your credit report (s), credit score and identity so you can maintain good financial health over the long term. As with anything else in life, once you reach a certain level of success, you must maintain it in order avoid negative consequences in the future. ACS can do all of this for you.

We have been blessed to represent thousands of Americans over the years. We consider each instance a privilege and something that is NOT taken for granted by any team member at ACS. If you are in need of help in getting back to good financial health, we would be honored to take the time to share with you how we can get you there. Our team members have a heart to serve others and are available for you.